Little Red Creative Studios CIC

Little Red Arts will be closing its doors on 15th November.

Aimi Rix closing statement

5 years ago I embarked on a venture with two partners, together we refurbished 32a George Street and opened our wonderful arts center.

Over the years Little Red Creative Studios has seen many changes including the departure of the 2 founder members and a name change to Little Red Arts.

The venue has been home to many artists of varied genres and has seen an incredibly diverse range of activities, loved and enjoyed by many in the community.

Little Red, although a purpose made arts center, has become my nemesis and detrimental to my own creative practice. My responsibility became so great as the sole owner of the business and venue manager, supporting so many other creatives that I have not been able to use the studios to produce my own work, counter productive to why it exists.

I am happy that so many people have enjoyed this wonderful space, however I have reached the 5 year point in my lease and have the opportunity to opt out in November.

In the current climate it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain such a large venue and with so much uncertainty ahead now is the time to say goodbye to this beautiful building.

With the rumor mill being as it is I have already received many calls and texts regarding the company and the venue so I have tried to answer some of these queries below.

Please understand I will be very busy closing the business and clearing the premises and will not have time to answer every individual but I do appreciate your support and will try and respond where I can.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and Little Red over the years (too many to name individually), support has been given in so many ways by so many people and it is you the community of Luton that has driven me and enabled me to keep the venue going through so much turbulence, for this I will always be truly grateful.

Special thanks to my right hand, Roisin Duggan and my wonderful team. Ellie BrackenBriony, Sinead, Lyon, Kamali and Alicia you’ve been amazing!

Thank you to all of the residents over the years, with special thanks to Sam Fox and Dusna Chauhan for your years of commitment and everything you brought to Little Red.

Thank you to all the promoters who have made magical nights and made a great contribution to the night life of Luton town center.

Special thanks to Roy Stumpi Robertson and the inspiration team and Dyson Littlewood and the Oldskool team your contribution and support has made the world of difference this year.

Thank you to Luton’s Cultural Enablers Michaela Nutt and Luke Dwyer for you service to the arts community and for the ongoing support you gave to me and Little Red Arts.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, sponsors and those who have supported with donations.

Thank you also to the friends and family who have supported me in this endeavor, Diane Cleary you have been so amazing, always helping and there for me when I burn out,

Nathaniel Richards without you at my side and having my back I just don’t know where I would be, my rock and my cushion

I could write thanks you’s for miles as you’ve all been so amazing, please know, even if your name isn't written I have appreciated you and everything you brought to Little Red Arts.

Until we meet again, best wishes for the future

29th October

Inspiration with DJ Stumpi 21.30-03.00

(Aimi’s birthday and farewell party)

12th November

Nathan Kabaya

Music for Your Soul

(Live music)

CLOSING NIGHT…/elaine-simpson-j-fills…

Q & A’s

Q. Im interested in taking on the lease, who do I contact?

when will the building become vacant?

A. Please contact Roy Greening at The Mall

The building will be vacant from January 2023

Q. Will the advertised events be going ahead?

A. Yes, all planned events will be going ahead. Please check our socials

Q. What happened? I thought you had received Arts Council Funding.

A. The emergency ACE funding Little Red received in 2022 was to support Little Red for a 6 month period and we were not successful in our second application.

Q. Will Little Red relocate?

A. No, Little Red Creative Studios CIC/ Little Red Arts will be dissolved once the lease ends in November.

Q. Can I buy Little Red?

A. Probably not but lets talk.

Q. Will there be a closing event?

A. Yes.

Little Red Arts is a hub for the arts and wellbeing in Luton. 

We opened our doors on George Street in April 2018.

Established to provide a space for all arts, a welcoming environment for artists and performers to practice, teach, rehearse and deliver their arts in all their glorious forms and to provide an alternative live music venue for the arts community.




Here at Little Red we have created a New platform for our Art Community to Upload, Share and Network with other artists. We aim to provide a specialised platform uniquely for the creatives.










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1Sun ft. Sherlox - Where I'm From | Live From Little Red

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STUDIO ONE -This light and airy multipurpose studio can be transformed for a diverse range of activities and events. Exposed brickwork, high ceilings and rustic bar create a unique and comfortable setting. This studio has the benefit of a coffee shop and fully licensed bar, sound system and ambient lighting.

We have hosted a range of events in this space from music, spoken word, comedy and seminars, the studio is diverse with a rustic yet airy feel that can lend itself to many audiences.The studio also promotes and can connect you to our resident artists, as well a many local artists, who are always more than happy to create bespoke project for your event. 

Event Hire

This studio is the perfect space to hire for events including meetings, conferences and training. We can  hold up to 60 guests with a full licensed and staffed bar, coffee shop,  state of the art sound system and dedicated to team to assist with all your needs. 


This photography studio is a large and airy space perfect for group photos and modelling sessions We have a range of three meter paper backdrops as well black out blinds, Galaxy and colour changing lighting and all the  equipment needed to ensure you get that perfect shot,  The Coffee Shop is also located in this space and perfect for your guests’ comfort.


The Studio is perfect private and public screenings, can host up to 40 seats, booking includes projector, licenced bar and of course popcorn.

STUDIO TWO – Little Red Arts has a large community art space on the second floor, this is a creative space for anyone to drop in and vibe, grab a spot, paint and get messy if you want. Sharon Mitchell, aka Smitch, resident artist frequently uses this space to create giant canvass’s. Resident artist Samfoxification occupies one full time while other residents like Sophie Gresswell hire them on an ad hoc basis.

This space is also available to hire for classes and workshops. There are also four micro studios on the second floor, available to hire when you need a more private space. Spaces can be hired on a flexible hour to hour basis or annually with great discounts for longer term rentals.