Jimi Earl

Meet Jimi Earl!
A Blues Rock guitarist, influenced by Indie and Alternative sound, with elements of Funk and Metal.
I utilise music to share my story and passion as a musician with others, creating a fun atmosphere onstage, spreading a message of peace, love and understanding. I’ve come a long way and hope to inspire others to follow in sharing their message, through whatever their preferred artistic style may be. The effects of music continue to astound me. Have you ever been captivated by a relatable song which perfectly depicts your thoughts and feelings? You never know who it may touch, or how, but there will always be someone ready to connect with your art.
Aside from becoming a performing and recording artist, I aspire to gain knowledge and skills as a sound/studio engineer, using these to release my self-produced debut album, Ambient Space!
I also wish to assist others in building the confidence to pursue and develop their careers within the music industry.