In a wonderful relationship with art that began many years ago and has never faded,  I am ever learning and evolving my craft and continually stand amazed and inspired by the work of other artists.

I work by inspiration, with a passion fueled by whatever holds my fascination at the time. My work is informed by everything I see, read, think and dream. I look at a blank piece of paper or canvas and know that a masterpiece lays inside- if only I could uncover it! I realised quite early on not to be concerned with a projected outcome of a piece but rather to let it inform and guide me as to what it will become. I find if I start interfering with the work, it will go wrong!

I see myself as an epic doodler, my favorite thing to draw with is a Biro pen as it cannot be corrected, only accepted.

I have illustrated and written books for adults and children (available on Amazon. links below) and can see this side of my art developing further as I also find much joy in doodling with words.

I enjoy painting and drawing people, though I wouldn’t offer myself up as a portrait artist. I like the unique shapes of an individual’s face and countenance but find the pressure of a commission leads me to the wrong state of mind to be fulfilling for me.

The pieces featured in this on-line portfolio represent a wide range of interests- the love affair with the Biro is apparent- also explorations in oil, acrylic, watercolour, wood and other media.


Thank you


My Mum Is so Embarrassing!!: Rix, Lucy, Rix, Lucy, Avril, Maria: Books

The Traveller and The Donkey: Rix, Lucy, Rix, Lucy: 9798703762936: Books