Studio Melanix

Yo! I’m Mac and I am a visual artist primarily working with Film and Sculpture.

Through my film projects I aim to explore ideas that raise awareness to the significance of children and the importance of repairing our decaying world for them. My goal is to encourage engagement with the community and it’s youth, placing importance on exposing each other to role models and mindsets that will help us leave this world better than the one we were brought into. After graduating I have made my first non-student short-film ‘Hunger’ that will be featured in Luton’s 2021 Bute Street Film Festival.

In the time between my film projects I create sculptures. Sculpting was an accidental find that I was not planning to get involved in but it helped me view art from a therapeutic perspective. Film requires complex planning and a network of people because of its collaborative nature, whereas sculpting is more personal and solitary practice that encourages patience and self-reflection. Rather than a goal in itself, sculpting symbolises the steps taken to gradually find it.

I am working on a project that will allow me to share my experience and help others find appreciation for the arts and ways to apply it in personal life. I will be running my workshop ‘Alchemy of Sculpture’ as part of the Me, Myself & Art programme in Little Red Arts studio. The workshop will focus on engagement with arts and understanding it’s various applications through the lens of sculpting, encouraging even those who are intimidated, to create something meaningful.

You can watch my Films and see my Sculpting work on:

If you want to create something, I want to be your friend. Hit me up.