Mary Hearne

Mary Hearne

Mary is a Luton based socially engaged arts practitioner, workshop facilitator and textiles artist.

Having lived, studied and worked in Luton all her life she knows the town well and understands it’s artistic and cultural needs.

Mary focuses on health, wellbeing and the understanding of illness and recovery whilst playfully untangling political and social issues through her textiles art.

Primarily working in textiles to create her work, she also has painted public artworks and lead projects on other forms of arts and crafts.

Mary has a strong belief that everyone needs art in their lives and that the process of creating something artistic is good for wellbeing and health.

Whilst working and volunteering in the arts for many community programmes, she has lead workshops based on arts for wellbeing in a variety of formal and non-formal arts spaces providing arts opportunities to people of all abilities, background and learning capabilities.

Working as a community arts practitioner, Mary is skilled in Makaton, a form of sign language used with SEN(D) children, confidently tailoring arts programmes and workshops to participant’s specific needs, working responsively and adapting to suit an audience.

Working with the likes of University of Bedfordshire, Luton Borough Council, many local schools, and The Mall has given Mary the opportunity to advance her own creative practice informed by locality, art as a path to recovery, and to advocate for lutonians with lesser heard voices.

She is currently focusing on creating work related to the 3rd UK lockdown and our shared lived experiences throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.