Nicola Moody

Nicola Moody is a Fine Art Textile Artist.

Working predominantly in weaving. This underrepresented art form has a legacy. It consists of vital elements; warp and weft, they must work together. Nicola works within this basic structure but at the same time considers the impact of making alterations to generate one-off pieces. She enjoys the preparation and the intimacy that is inevitable as every piece of yarn is touched and positioned, and the intuition that is necessary to create cloth.


This slow process allows for an alternative way of making and thinking to that of much modern technology. It is within the act of making and the choices made that relate to scale, materials, and techniques that she seeks to express elements of a journey or narrative. She delights in the historic and cultural significance that textiles has in all of our lives. She seeks to use her knowledge to speak about situations and experiences. It is a belief that textiles can be used as a metaphor for many of the things we encounter on our journey through life. The tactile nature of textiles is powerfully evocative of memories and situations whatever language you speak.


Nicola received a first-class degree in Art and Textile Design from Bath Spa University and went on to gain a distinction for her MA in Contemporary Textiles from the University of Hertfordshire. She has also worked as an art educator for over 20 years. Since 2016 she has sought to develop her practice as a Fine Art Textile Artist and in so doing, she has successfully secured substantial funding, engaged in residences, a national touring exhibition, received commissions, had solo exhibitions as well as taking part in numerous groups shows.


Nicola is based in Luton where she lives with her husband and three teenage children.