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Why Has Little Red Arts created a membership scheme?

Why do I need a membership?

What kind of events do you host at the venue?

Can I bring a friend who is not a member?

I don’t go out often so don’t want to pay a monthly membership

Can we still host events during the Covid 19 restrictions?

Company Information

Legal requirements for licensed events

Little Red is in the center of the protected zone in Luton, in this area the council and government do not grant premises license (for the sale of alcohol) to new venues and are restructuring the look of the town center. Little Red was deemed an exclusive venue focused on the arts and so was granted a license with conditions. These conditions are to protect the venue and you the visitors, when you come to Little Red you will be in a safe space with other creatives and like minds, the usual pub goers of the town will be elsewhere. While creating the membership we decided to add other benefits for local artists and so becoming a member is also supporting the arts in Luton and the running of the community arts studios.

You don’t need to have a membership to gain entry to Little Red however, if you are not a member you must have a prepaid ticket for licensed events such as film , performance and music. Membership benefits will grow with the business and demand.

We host a range of music events, including live bands and artists, DJ’s, performance, Spoken Word, Art Jams and film, the programme is growing

You can bring one non-member to an event, You cannot bring the same person to more than one event if they have a great time. We would encourage you to ask them to sign up or to make sure they have a prepaid ticket for the next event.

That’s okay, you can still get into the events but you must have a prepaid ticket which can be purchased no later than 2 hours before the event (that’s when ticket sales stop)

Yes we can, except during announced phase 3 lockdowns. We are adapting to the Covid 19 rules and have added a comfortable seating arrangements, one-way system for the stairs and other modifications to keep you safe

Little Red Arts

Company Number: 10707171

Trading as Little Red Arts Creative Studio CIC

Little Red has been granted a premises license but has been given restrictions we must adhere to.

  • Little Red cannot allow entry on the door without a prepaid ticket.
  • Tickets cannot be purchased on the door unless by members.
  • Ticket sales must stop before the event begins.
  • Membership cannot be gained on the door at events.
  • Membership takes 48 hours to approve before benefits can be activated.
  • Proof of membership must be provided when using benefits.
  • The management has the right to refuse membership and entry

Advisory: Pre booking is always advised as tickets are limited and door entry is not definite due to capacity.

All memberships are subject to terms and conditions.